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Welcome to the home of the TheaterLogics PowerHouse, the ultimate HTPC video and audio Command Center for top-quality home entertainment environments.

The TheaterLogics PowerHouse has been designed from the ground up to deliver perfect pictures for big-screen environments. The bigger the screen, the better we look.

To get excellent pictures from DVD's requires more digital horsepower than any unassisted PC can deliver, and much of the software is either patented, or secret know-how in the hands of superb and very expensive equipment manufacturers like Faroudja, the triple-Emmy award winning video technology company.

The TheaterLogics PowerHouse is a break-through product, incorporating high performance Faroudja hardware for breathtaking picture quality, and Creative Lab's astonishing new X-Fi processor for the very best in audio, all in a single compact unit, replacing the seven-foot-high rack of equipment, and bringing true theater unobtrusively into the living room.

The picture and sound difference is spectacular. DVD's achieve high definition quality. Color balance improves out of sight, for breathtaking scenery and perfect skin tones. Motion artifacts are reduced almost to the point of imperception. To complete the experience, TheaterLogics audio perfection then brings movies to life!

As a Command Center, the PowerHouse not only manages video and audio, it also integrates your existing music, video, television and gaming equipment into a single, simple system.

If you are interested in the rapidly changing world of home entertainment, we explain the history and the future of home entertainment solutions.

Knowledge is power. More importantly, it saves money! When you understand what it takes to build a perfect theater environment, you can use that knowledge to buy exactly what you need to achieve the results you want, right now.

We will not only explain what is important for delivering picture-and-audio-perfect results for today's entertainment environment, but also what it will take to meet the new high definition broadcast and DVD standards.

Again, welcome! Enjoy! If you have any suggestions or questions, send us email.